This Woman’s Work was founded by Kendra Benson in 2009. Kendra was raised and educated in the Midwest – receiving her B.S. in Textile and Apparel Design from the University of Nebraska in 2005.

Kendra moved to New York upon graduation and set up house and shop in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. The next years were spent cultivating her art and personal aesthetic by gathering knowledge, skills, resources and materials alongside developing careers as a print designer, colorist, associate designer, archivist, and saleswoman of vintage inspiration.

In 2013 Kendra happily revealed the fruits of her labor: her first assemblage of women’s apparel and accessories, entitled Japonica.

The vision of This Woman’s Work is to continue creating meaningful and imaginative collections that inspire the wearer in the same way the creator was inspired. The collections consist of both one-of-a-kind pieces as well as pieces produced in multiples. The work is both concept-driven and materials-driven. Often pieces will be made with archival or reclaimed fabric and/or trims; original prints hand screen-printed by Kendra; both synthetic and natural fibers; found objects; and a myriad of other materials and techniques … whatever necessary to follow the narrative and honor the materials.

Naturally Kendra sees how a love of beautiful, creative fashion bleeds into other areas of life. Therefore This Woman’s Work includes additional offerings to help cultivate a well-rounded personal aesthetic, including useful and beautiful extras for home, travel and more.


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